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Domain Registration

Domain name is a pre requisite to start an online business. It is your identity in the online world and therefore must be careful in choosing a domain name. It is always better to use the name of business/product you want to promote.

Here are some informative tips while choosing your domain name:

Do register your business name as your domain name
If you have not yet decided your domain name, please do register your domain name which is similar to your business name, even if you have plans to use a different domain. The reason is that some people known as cybersquatters register other organization’s business name and then tries to sell the domain name to the business owners or somebody else at a demanding price.

There is a also chance that your competitor or a sulky customer may also set up a site in your business name which badly affects your business.

Even though such anti competitive behavior and cybersquatting is illegal, most of the times regaining the domain name is quite impractical as the process is a lengthy one and there is no surety of being successful in such cases.

Those who are doing business in Australia should at least register the, and .com version of their business names and it is advisable that one should also consider registering domain names associated to their products and events in order to get rid of from the above said circumstances.

The most suitable extension for associations and non profitable organizations is

Don’t have a business name yet ???
People are likely to remember short, uncomplicated and memorable domain names.

Domain name registration vs. domain name hosting
People often misunderstood that if they register a domain name it includes web hosting also. It is very essential to realize that domain registration and web hosting are two entirely separate services, but most often are offered by the same service provider.

More on domain name extensions
We offer a range of extension options which can be easily searched other than the Australia specific .au extensions. .com,.net,.org,.info are among some of the non Australian versions available with us.

Any organization or individual can register .com,.net,.info and .biz domain names . But .com is the widely recognized domain name in the world. If you too want to get your domain name with .com extension, register it without wasting time. Contact us now

We help you to:

  • Upload your website through our web hosting services
  • To set up your e-mail addresses
  • Take a look at the statistics of your visitors

Login to our email id or visit our web hosting services, your query will be addressed within 1-6 hours and your account settings including login details will be forwarded to you in very short time.